Sunday, February 2, 2014

What's going on in South Dakota?

I just got wind that a bill has been introduced in the current session of the SD legislature (read it here) which would allow public school teachers to teach creationism if they so choose.  Seriously...what the hell is happening in the state I still consider home?

I don't respect the concept of intelligent design (that's actually putting it mildly) but don't begrudge anyone who chooses to believe it or even teach it -- in a CHURCH.  Knock yourselves out.  But there are so many red flags about this, almost too many to count.  But two are particularly glaring.

1. There must be some sort of brain drain going on in SD - why are there not more smart people running for political office there these days?  Who are these people: Senators Monroe, Jensen, Lederman, Otten (Ernie), Rampelberg, and Van Gerpen and Representatives Greenfield, Craig, Haggar (Don), Haggar (Jenna), Schoenfish, Steele, and Wick?  Is this the best we can do?  When did it become okay to allow religion be legislated into law?  

2. Please don't ever wonder why the U.S. is seriously lagging in terms of math and science.  If this bill becomes law (and I'd love to think it doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell) it will say this: knowing less is a good thing.  I don't even want to think about what this could mean going forward.  The ramifications are staggering.

My high school biology teacher (may his gentle soul rest in peace) would have had much to say about this.  What I wouldn't give to hear his thoughts.  Oh, and that brain drain I mentioned earlier?  Yeah...that.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Wendy Davis for Texas Governor!

Okay, folks...I'm giving this blog some much-needed attention!  Poor thing...abandoned!  I'll keep this one short and sweet (ease back into the blog groove slowly!):

Wendy Davis, currently running for Governor of Texas for the Democratic party, is considered a long-shot.  No big surprise there...Texas has been on a GOP roll as of late.  But please don't think being 'on a roll' in any way equates to 'doing a good job.'  After all, this is the state party who brought us 8 years of Dubya in the White House and what seem like a kajillion years of Rick Perry as Texas head honcho.

But there's something happening in Texas that has me very hopeful and that is the prospect of Texas 'going blue' in the not-too-distant future.  I could point to the increasing Latino demographic and its tendency to vote blue.  But it's more than that...Wendy Davis sparked a fire last year with her abortion rights filibuster right up the highway in Austin.  Texas WOMEN perked their ears.  And you add a female voting bloc to a Latino voting do the math.

But this past week, a certain Todd Kincannon out of bumf*ck South Carolina, a rabid teabagger, used twitter to spread some of the most vile, misogynistic filth (and I won't dignify it by posting a link here...) directed at Wendy Davis that can only mean one thing me:  The GOP is scared of her.  Because...guess what?  If Texas goes blue (and it likely won't go blue with or without electing Wendy Davis)...then politics at a national level, i.e., the White House...the GOP is truly screwed.  And I, for one, who has watched the GOP turn into a giant clown car, couldn't be happier!


So...this happened...

Children of the Corn
Oh..bee tee dubz...

Carlos and I got married on August 16, 2013!  After big chunks of DOMA were (thankfully) kicked to the curb last June, we wasted little time.  I'll never forget...we were actually on the top of the Eiffel Tower when Carlos proposed.  Yeah...that part didn't happen.  But we did agree to marry each other, asked my sister Kim to help and we drove to Iowa (the closest state which allowed marriage equality at the time).

Right across the border from Sioux Falls, we tip-toed over the line to Larchwood, Iowa and got married in the cutest little city park you'll ever see.  Surrounded by corn fields and close friends and family.

It was awesome.

In Which I Declare My Undying Devotion to Dame Judi Dench

I love this woman.  After a second viewing of "Philomena" tonight in San Antonio, it's even more evident that I should probably be the president of her fan club.  While Cate Blanchett probably has this year's Oscar all but wrapped-up (and deservedly so...her performance in "Blue Jasmine" rocks...hard) it's Dench's quietly affecting performance as Philomena Lee that stole my heart this season.


And I will confess, as Philomena finally gets to watch a video tribute made in her son's honor after succumbing to AIDS, I was a mess. It's this actress's ability to fully inhabit a character that gets me every time.  Daniel Craig's abs notwithstanding, she's the best thing about the latest James Bond movies.

It will never happen in a million years, but can't you just tell that she'd be just so much fun to have drinks with?  The stories this woman could tell.  I'd be, and am, in complete awe.