Saturday, February 1, 2014

In Which I Declare My Undying Devotion to Dame Judi Dench

I love this woman.  After a second viewing of "Philomena" tonight in San Antonio, it's even more evident that I should probably be the president of her fan club.  While Cate Blanchett probably has this year's Oscar all but wrapped-up (and deservedly so...her performance in "Blue Jasmine" rocks...hard) it's Dench's quietly affecting performance as Philomena Lee that stole my heart this season.


And I will confess, as Philomena finally gets to watch a video tribute made in her son's honor after succumbing to AIDS, I was a mess. It's this actress's ability to fully inhabit a character that gets me every time.  Daniel Craig's abs notwithstanding, she's the best thing about the latest James Bond movies.

It will never happen in a million years, but can't you just tell that she'd be just so much fun to have drinks with?  The stories this woman could tell.  I'd be, and am, in complete awe.

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